Box Hill golf competitions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday morning (Women’s comp), Thursday, Saturday and Sundays with a twilight nine hole event on Wednesday afternoons during daylight savings. For entry into a competition, a $6.00 entry fee is applicable. You can book your games of golf via the website or app, or by ringing the golf shop.


Club Championships

In club championships, and other designated events, entry into the competition field will only be open to those members who meet eligibility requirements as set out in the terms and conditions or as indicated in the club’s playing programme.


  • Saturday Events: Life, 7 day, and country members. In addition, those invited from intermediate members 18 to 25 yrs, student members 18 to 25 yrs and junior members 12 to 18 yrs.
  • Sunday Events: Life-, 7 day-, 6 day-, restricted 6 day-, restricted Sunday and country members, intermediate members 18 to 25 yrs, student members 18 to 25 yrs, junior members 12 – 18 yrs.
  • Wednesday Events: From first light until 12 noon, the course is reserved for women’s competition only. Women members who hold a registered Golf Australia Handicap are eligible to play.
  • Weekday Events: All categories of playing membership (visitors from other recognised golf clubs on payment of green fees by prior arrangement with management).
  • Guest Days – General: When booking for a guest day, no booking will be taken or competition fee accepted unless the name of the guest is supplied at the time of booking, no green fee will be applicable. A guest on guest day cannot be a member of Box Hill Golf Club and must hold a current Golf Australia Handicap. A member is able to invite one guest only on designated guest days.
  • Juniors: Juniors are permitted to play in competitions from Sunday to Friday and once they have achieved a daily handicap from the blue course of 27, will be invited to play on Saturdays. The club has regular cost-effective junior/cadet sessions on Saturday afternoons and some Sunday’s to help young golfers become familiar with the golf course and competition golf. The club takes pride in its dedication to junior golfers and their development and people and golfers and continues to improve and develop the program for junior members.


General Competition Rules

These rules apply to all members who want to participate in Box Hill Golf Club competitions.

  • All competitions played are according to the rules of golf as set out by the Royal and Ancient Scotland and the United States Golfing association.
  • The club match committee (which is defined in the club’s constitution) controls all play (male and female, competition and non-competition) on the course and has sole jurisdiction in all competitions.
  • Competition players must report to the golfshop 10 minutes before hit-off time.
  • Competition fees must be paid before commencing a competition round and at the time of player registration.
  • Players in competition will have right of way on the course over non-competition players.
  • Players not entering into the club competition specified for the day and time can only play in those times allocated for non-competition play or at the end of the competition field.
  • Players must continue play without undue delay at all times. Tees must not be left vacant; players must not discontinue play after 9 holes unless the golfshop is informed and gives permission for such delay.
  • Hole In One: On the occasion of a member holing in one in match committee-controlled competitions, it will be the club’s pleasure to honour the occasion, with the approval, and at the discretion of the club captain.

Golf Australia Handicapping System

  • A player shall have an Australian Handicap only and this shall be allotted by his or her nominated home club. It is the responsibility of the player to report to his or her home club all scores returned by him or her at other clubs.
  • All competition cards must be returned as directed by the match committee whether completed or not. Failure to do so could, without notice, result in a change of handicap.
  • Handicaps are adjusted in accordance with the USGA slope system of handicapping described in the Golf Australia handbook and also on the Golf Australia internet site.
  • New members are required to return three fully completed scorecards to obtain an initial handicap, at least one of these scorecards should be from playing Box Hill Golf Club. Two nine hole cards will make up one completed scorecard. These cards must be signed by the player, endorsed by the marker and returned to the golf shop, all three cards should be submitted together at the one time.
  • Players in competitions must use the handicap displayed by GolfLink immediately prior to the commencement of the round (even if a recent round may have been delayed in being recorded in the GolfLink system which could potentially affect the player’s existing handicap).
  • The maximum handicap for men is 36. The maximum handicap for women is 45.

Competition Rules – Men

  • If field size is less than 70: 1 grade only
  • If field size is 70 – 120: 2 grades
  • If field size is 121 – 170: 3 grades
  • If field size is 170+: 4 grades


  • The pro shop may reduce the number of grades to ensure adequate ball rundown. A-, B-, C- and D-grades will be determined by even disbursement of handicaps and will be noted on the whiteboard outside the golf shop on the day of the competition.
  • All major events of the club (including perpetual and special trophies and monthly medals) shall be open to 7 day members only.
  • Players in competitions must hold a current Golf Australia Handicap.
  • Each player is responsible for the correct return of their own card.
  • All competition cards should be returned as soon as possible on completion of the round, signed by the player and countersigned by a marker, whether the round is completed or not. Rule 6-6b applies. A player who fails to return their competition score card will have their handicap reviewed.
  • Monthly Medals: Ties must be played on the next Saturday stroke round or as directed by the match committee.

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