Under the rule changes proposed from January 1, 2019, clubs are to develop a pace of play policy. This is Box Hills Golf Club policy as approved by the match committee on April 2, 2017.

A stroke round should take no more than 4 hours 20 minutes. All other rounds should take less than 4 hours 15 minutes.

Course marshals shall be appointed each year by the match committee to monitor the pace of play. Each playing group will have a nominal captain – the lowest marker in the group.

When a group is deemed to be out of position by a marshal, the marshal shall advise the captain of the group that the group is out of position and ask that attempts be made to rectify the situation within the next two holes. Out of position is defined as: When a group arrives at the tee of a hole and finds that the group in front of them is already teeing off on the next tee, the arriving group is out of position.

Failure to regain position within two holes after the captain of the group has been reminded of pace of play obligations and will lead to the group being logged in the slow play book kept in the golf shop. The slow play record will be monitored by the golf shop and reported to the match committee.

In addition to marshals, the captain of another group may also report groups that are out of position for more than two holes. Note that disputes between groups or groups and marshals over the pace of play must be avoided.

If a player’s or players’ name appears in the book two times in a calendar month the player/s shall be asked to provide an explanation within seven days. If the player/s fail to provide a satisfactory explanation as to why he/she or the group was unable to regain their position in the field on both occasions, the player/players shall be informed that for the following four weeks they will be placed in competition fields at the discretion of the golf shop and will not be permitted to book times via the electronic booking system. They must book personally by contacting the golf shop in person or by telephone.

In these circumstances, the golf shop shall allocate tee times such that any further instances of slow play should not affect the rest of the competition field. Such action can include allocating such players to the back of any competition field, morning or afternoon.

The club also has the option of imposing penalties under existing rule 6.7 Undue delay & slow play:

The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.


Penalty for breach of rule 6-7:


  • Match play – loss of hole; Stroke play – two strokes
  • Bogey and par competitions – see note 2 to rule 32-1a
  • Stableford competitions – see note 2 to rule 32-1b
  • For subsequent offense – disqualification

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