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A big ‘thank you’ goes to the hundreds of members who took the time to complete our latest member survey. This feedback is valuable to help the board and administration set priorities and strategic plans that are in line with what the majority of our members say is important to them.

The latest survey was completed in September by 431 members, and the results can be seen by clicking on the attached link in the newsletter. As well as the results you can see, there are hundreds of separate responses to some of the questions we asked which we haven’t included, and the board and relevant committees will be sifting through these to help set priorities.

Here are some of the headline results and next steps based on the survey:

There was 90% agreement with continuing a low-cost levy per golf round (comp and social) to help pay for fairway drainage works. So the club will re-introduce such a levy at a time to be decided. This question was based on the $2 playing levy that raised $60,000 this year, which will help pay for drainage work beginning in late November to improve the 2nd fairway, then on the 18th/14th fairways and the intersecting rough.

  • There is an appetite (pardon the pun) for matched food-and-wine dinners or lunches and also seafood nights, so you can look forward to these being scheduled
    in future. Our newly-appointed Operations Manager Lachlan Murrell will also sift through the other suggestions for events/social activities to see what we can
    provide for member enjoyment.
  • We asked about our inaugural Ambrose Championship that was staged in April, and the survey shows clear support for AM and PM fields. So this will go ahead
    again next year with a full day devoted to playing this fun event.

Finally, some members commented that the survey didn’t ask enough questions about the golf course. The reason for this is that our previous survey in 2022 was focused on the course, and we have acted on many of those responses. We wanted this latest survey to elicit more suggestions about clubhouse hospitality and social events. We look forward to scheduling more events for maximum member enjoyment.

Thanks again for all your feedback.
John Trevo