Knowing golfing etiquette makes the game easier and more enjoyable for yourself and others
  • Close attention to the Rules of Golf and the etiquette of the game will ensure that you will avoid disqualification and make the game pleasant for those who follow.
  • Do not talk, move or do anything that will distract the attention of a player when they are in the act of playing a stroke.
  • Do not delay in calling following players through when you are searching for a ball or have lost your place in the field because of slow play.
  • Do not try missed putts over again – remember those following behind are waiting.
  • Do not walk on the line of any players putt.
  • Do not stand directly behind the hole on the line of any players putt.
  • Do not dawdle between shots – move smartly and minimise practice swings.
  • Do not shout or call out loudly – remember voices carry and there are other players concentrating on their game.
  • Do not write up the Score Card on or in the vicinity of the Green. Best done on the next Tee to save time.
  • Do not purchase balls from anyone on or about the Course.
  • Do not hesitate to apologise if you have made an error.
  • Do not take mobile telephones onto the Course in the ‘on’ mode.
  • Accept an apology in the sportsman like manner in which it is given.
  • Be patient, tactful and pleasant, and endeavour to assist those not as knowledgeable as yourself in the game.
  • Park your buggy conveniently to the side of the Green closest to your next Tee in order to save time.
  • CLICK HERE for our Pace of Play Policy.


  • Replace all divots and cover them with sand and level it. 
  • Smooth out foot marks in bunkers. To obtain the best results walk backwards out of the bunker smoothing out the sand as you go. Always take the shortest route to your ball and retreat from the bunker by the same route. Do not walk up the face of the bunker. IF RAKES ARE TO BE LEFT OUT OF BUNKERS, REPLACE THEM ON THE MARKED POSITIONS. 
  • Always hold the flag stick at arm’s length in the centre of the hole so as to avoid undue wear around the hole. 
  • If you have to mark the position of your ball on the green DO NOT disfigure the green with scratches. Use a small coin or some other form of loose marker. 
  • Never drop the flag stick on the green but place it down carefully. 
  • On reaching the green, repair any plug marks especially if made by your ball pitching up on to the green. 
  • Do not retrieve the ball from the hole by using the Club head. 
  • Members are requested not to take their buggies onto or across the greens or tees. 
  • The playing of more than two balls in practice rounds on the Course is not permitted. 
  • Watering Equipment. Members should not touch or otherwise interfere with watering equipment of any kind on the Course. Local Rules (on the reverse of the score card) provide for relief from watering equipment. 
  • Report any damage (accidental or deliberate) as soon as possible to Club Officials. 
  • The Rules of Golf apply to all golfers on the Course. 



It is essential that Members and guests give way at all times to Grounds Staff. Wait until called through by Grounds Staff before proceeding. 



A full Playing Member may bring up to three Guests to the Club for the purposes of Golf. Note: Irrespective of who introduces them, the same person may not attend the Club as a guest for the purposes of Golf more than six times per year (15 March to 14 March in the subsequent year). 

Guests introduced by a Member, for golf, must pay the required Green Fee and enter their name, address and signature in the Guest’s Register (which is held in the Club Golf Shop) applicable to the day of play. A guest ticket will be issued and must be displayed at all times during golf. 

Members under the age of 18 are not entitled to introduce Guests to a licensed premise. The entire area of the Clubhouse is a licensed premise. 

Members are held responsible for the behaviour, dress, and etiquette of their Guests. Any matter of complaint concerning a Guest will be taken up formally with the Member who introduced the Guest to the Club. 

Non-Golfing Guests must be signed into the Club by the sponsoring Member. 

If attending for Clubhouse purposes only, the sign-in takes place at the various registers located at entry points. 



The Club Local Rules are printed on the reverse of the scorecard and should always be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf. 

Temporary Local Rules are invoked from time to time to provide for short term and abnormal situations. They are published on the notice board outside the Golf Shop. In particular, players should look out for notices concerning ground-under-repair. 

Where drop zones or special instructions are not provided, the rules of golf apply. 

Social and trade-day players must observe all local rules. 

Environmental Sensitive Areas marked with Red or Yellow Stakes with Green tops: entry is strictly prohibited – this includes the recovery of golf balls. Penalties apply. 



Mobile phones are allowed in all areas of the Clubhouse but must be switched to silent or vibrate mode while you are inside. Calls can be made and taken in the club offices, Golf Shop, car parks, locker rooms and entrance foyer areas. 

Mobile phones are allowed on the course but must be switched off or to silent or vibrate mode. Phones must only be used in an emergency (refer to the club’s safety policy).


Box Hill Golf Club is committed to the Responsible Service of Gambling. For further information please click here.