Dress Code

Please review our dress code before playing or practicing at Box Hill Golf Club

The dress code of the Golf Club applies to those wishing to play on the course or use the practice facilities. If a Member or guest is not appropriately attired, they will be asked to change, purchase suitable attire or be denied access to the course. What people wear at the Club has a direct bearing on Box Hill’s reputation and public image. It is important that Members and guests dress appropriately. The Dress Code policy applies equally to all Members, guests of Members, Green Fee, Social and trade day players. Players must wear golf shoes with spikes to minimise damage to the course. Take special care when the course is affected by water as conditions on creek banks and slopes may become slippery.  Players are not permitted to wear runners or other non-golf shoes during play, including practice. Traditional golf attire is required of all golfers.

Please note the following:

  • Traditional golf attire includes collared polo shirts or golf shirts with regular, mock or crew neck collars.
  • No clothing with offensive phrases or graphics will be allowed.
  • Socks must be worn in the function room and restaurant.
  • Sweaters including turtleneck, mock turtleneck, crew neck or V-neck are acceptable.
  • Muscle shirts, t-shirts, tank-tops, tube-tops or halter-tops are not permitted.
  • Tailored pants are preferable. Neat and tidy cargo style shorts are acceptable on the course and in the Members Lounge. Shorts and pants to be of a style designed to be worn with a belt and have a zipper.
  • Neat and tidy denim is permitted in the Members Lounge, Gaming Room and Restaurant, but not on course.
  • All golfers must wear socks on the course. Socks (including anklet style) must predominantly be white if worn with shorts or skirts.
  • Neat sandals (not thongs) and suitable shoes may be worn without socks in the Spike Bar and on course surrounds.
  • Track pants, gym shorts, cut-off shorts, beachwear, tear-away pants, football shorts, jogging pants or shorts, track suits, cycling shorts, or spandex shorts or pants are not permitted on the course (including practice areas) or in the Member’s Lounge, Function Room or restaurant.
  • Hats to be worn as the manufacturer intended and not in the Clubhouse.
  • The General Manager, all Senior Staff, all Golf Shop Staff, Marshals on duty and Match Committee may refuse access to the Course and Clubhouse to anyone that they believe does not meet the intent of this dress code.

Clubhouse Dress Rules

  • Golf shoes may be worn in the Locker Rooms, Members Lounge and Golf Shop but not elsewhere in the Clubhouse. 
  • Golf attire may be worn in the Members Lounge. Elsewhere, neat casual dress, (see above) including street shoes and socks, is required. Clean and tidy denim is permitted in the Clubhouse. 
  • Some functions may require more formal dress and Members and their guests are asked to observe such requirements when made. Members must ensure their guests observe the dress code. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times while on Club property. 


  • Close attention to the Rules of Golf and the etiquette of the game will ensure that you will avoid disqualification and make the game pleasant for those who follow. 
  • Do not talk, move or do anything that will distract the attention of a player when they are in the act of playing a stroke. 
  • Do not delay in calling following players through when you are searching for a ball or have lost your place in the field because of slow play. 
  • Do not try missed putts over again – remember those following behind are waiting. 
  • Do not walk on the line of any players putt. 
  • Do not stand directly behind the hole on the line of any players putt. 
  • Do not dawdle between shots – move smartly and minimise practice swings. 
  • Do not shout or call out loudly – remember voices carry and there are other players concentrating on their game. 
  • Do not write up the Score Card on or in the vicinity of the Green. Best done on the next Tee to save time. 
  • Do not purchase balls from anyone on or about the Course. 
  • Do not hesitate to apologise if you have made an error. 
  • Do not take mobile telephones onto the Course in the ‘on’ mode. 


  • Accept an apology in the sportsman like manner in which it is given. 
  • Be patient, tactful and pleasant, and endeavour to assist those not as knowledgeable as yourself in the game. 
  • Park your buggy conveniently to the side of the Green closest to your next Tee in order to save time. 

Box Hill Golf Club is committed to the Responsible Service of Gambling. For further information please click here.